Abbie 4-H Project List last updated 10-30-17
Please contact one of our community Club Leaders if you have a new project you would like to Lead.

Beginning 4H


Is it your first year of 4H? Or maybe it’s your second year, but you’re still looking for some guidance and fun activities to fill up your time? Well, Beginning 4H is the perfect project for you. In this project, you will learn all about 4H, make a project to enter into the Alameda County Fair, and meet lots of other kids just starting 4H.  Also learn how and why you should keep a record book, learn about community service, and get a sneak peek at what other projects are doing with some scheduled visits.  We will meet Fridays after school once a month starting in October.

Age:  9+




For Primary Members: 5 years old or in kindergarten by December 31 of the program year.  If you are too young to be an official 4-Her but you want to participate in some of the fun 4-H activities, then this is the project for you.

Age:  5-8 yrs


Cattle:  Beef

Raising a market steer or breeding heifer.  Steers must be owned by the last weekend in February, however most purchase steers by October while they are still small enough to handle.  Heifers must be owned 90-days before fair. 
Exhibitors should plan to spend 15+ hours a week with their project animal.

Age: 9+
Cost: Calves can be purchased for $1500+
Feed costs average $100/month.

Suzette & Breanne Maggy


This project will focus on responsible pet ownership of Cavies (pronounced kay-vees), which are guinea pigs.  Both pet animals and purebreds are acceptable choices. Cavy education will include breeds, color varieties, health with a focus on diet, and habitat. Meetings will have some fun themes and some will involve the ever-popular dress-up-your cavy fun theme. There is a strong focus on showmanship in this project - where the child is judged on how well they present their cavy.... this allows part bred pets and purebreds to compete with equal status.

This project is suitable for kids with a single pet or responsible members who want to breed and show purebreds. We will have some 4-H project shows where members can both show and judge the animals, a booth at Small Animal Field Day, travel to an open show that has adult owners who can help the kids learn more. The project members will be required to create both educational posters and show their live cavy show at the Alameda County Fair.

Age: Open to all, including mini-members. 
Meetings will be primarily on weekends-aiming for Sundays when sports schedules are not a major conflict... usually held at a member's home in the Pleasanton area; in good weather, outdoor meetings at a park are an option.

Jane Morehouse

510-351-4859 home land line with recorder

510-351-1174 cell

Other Small

to be in conjunction with Cavies.

Can be hamsters, fish, frogs, turtles, etc

Age: Open to all, including mini-members. 
Meetings will be primarily on weekends-aiming for Sundays when sports schedules are not a major conflict... usually held at a member's home in the Pleasanton area; in good weather, outdoor meetings at a park are an option.

Jane Morehouse

510-351-4859 home land line with recorder

510-351-1174 cell

Cats Learn how to care for and show cats! Age: 9 & up

Rachel Jacobsen


Calligraphy No writing looks quite as elegant as calligraphy! In this project, we will be learning to write calligraphy in the Italic font. This beautiful script can be used for all kinds of writing, from labeling folders to personal birthday cards to unique party invitations. You can start writing calligraphy right away, though it takes time to get really good at it, and this project will give you all the help you need to begin to write in the Italic font. If you take this project, you are eligible to enter calligraphy artwork into the Fair in the 4H category. Age:10 and up. Calligraphy markers will be supplied. No prior experience required.& up

Alex Roberts, Teen Leader

Lisa Roberts, Adult Leader


Dog Care and Training

Bring your own dog or one is provided. Dog care and grooming along with helping your dog through basic obedience training.  Health issues also covered. Only cost would be for choke chain and leash if you do not have one. 

Age: 10+; Meetings begin after Christmas and are usually held on Fridays.

Eileen Silva 


We will be learning to draw with a pencil, focusing particularly on basic perspective and shading. This is an easy art class, and we will start very slowly. Though this is a basic class, understanding simple perspective will really make a difference in your artwork very quickly. To make pleasing, realistic art, you need to be able to draw with a pencil. Adding color before you have a good foundation keeps your work from hitting its full potential, so this project will focus just on pencil drawing to get the basics down. Join us to take your art to the next level, even if you currently just draw stick figures! If you take this project, you will be eligible to enter artwork into the Fair in the 4H category. 

Ages: 10 and up. You will need to purchase some pencils and an art pad.

I will provide links to some options prior to the first meeting. No prior experience required.

Leader Contact:

Helen Roberts, Junior Leader

Lisa Roberts, Adult Leader

Arts & Crafts


We plan to create 4 beautiful and unique objects ready for entry into the Alameda County Fair, where you may even win a ribbon award or cash prize!  I am planning to lead you through the following craft mediums:  embroidery floss, decoupage, paper-mache, and fused glass. You will also have many record book entries available from being in this project. Meetings will be once a month on a weekend, and will take place at my home in Dublin.

Age: Open to all
A small supply fee will be required for this project.



We will have lots of fun baking sweet breads, yeast breads, pies, cookies, and some savory items as well. We will learn the basics of baking and some history of baked goods. We will also have a holiday cookie exchange and donate cookies and other goods to various needs. Come join us!

Age: 9 and up

Carol Woodward

Lisa Roberts

Goats - Dairy

This project tends to be a year round project as these are the Dairy goats. To enter the Fair, you must own your goat 60 days prior to Fair. You do not have to have a dairy goat to be in this project and learn about goats.

Age: 9+

Karen Harper

Cheyenne Harper


Let's grow something Fun....

Age: 9+

Lura Nicolas


Love horse's? Here is the project for you.

Age: 9+

Rachel Jacobsen

Amy Asmussen


Goats - Market

If you like raising a market animal, try goat! Goats are very intelligent, and rewarding to raise. (And easy to clean up after!) They require feeding twice a day. Ownership is 60 days prior to fair.

Age: 9+
Cost: $250-$400

Kathy Bottarini

Angie Bottarini


Nail Art


A fun project to get together and practice some of the latest trends in nail polish art.

Ages 9 & Up




Age: Open to All

leader Nina Patel -



Did you know you can raise chickens in the city of Pleasanton?  Learn the care and feeding of backyard chickens, attend a poultry show & sale end of January, learn showmanship and prepare your chickens for fair.

Age: Open to All

Adult Leader:

Resource leaders:
Kelly Illingworth


Learn how to house, feed, nurture and prevent disease in pet and show rabbits. Learn about different breeds, body types, and fur qualities and how to select the right animal. Learn how to groom, pose and exhibit your rabbit at rabbit shows and the Fair. Showmanship is exciting, competitive, and lots of fun!
Time will also be spent discussing Market (meat) Rabbits.  You will not need your own rabbit until March.

Age: Open to all, including mini-members! 
Cost: $50 minimum for project rabbit and feed.

Melba Jacobsen

Krystal Jacobsen, Teen Leader


Raising a market lamb. (Lamb must be owned 60 days prior to fair.)

Age: 9+
Cost: $300-$400 for lambs
and $200 for feed

Adult Leaders:
Ernie & Melba Jacobsen
Jimmy Hutchison

Krystal Jacobsen, Teen Leader

Still exhibits for Teens

In this project we will be working on still exhibits to enter in the fair.  This project is perfect for teens who have previous experience with still exhibits and are looking for more challenging projects.  We will cover baking, photography, crafts, and other exhibits the members are interested in.  We plan to meet once a month on Sundays.


Ages 12 and over
Cost depends on projects


leader Lura Nicolas -


You will be responsible for selecting, raising and showing a market hog at fair. We will receive animals about mid-March and the project will be complete with the Livestock Auction the last day of fair in July. This is a large time commitment, including monthly meetings, daily feedings, and weekend weigh days. You will also be expected to spend most of the second week of the fair at the fairgrounds. You don't have to own a pig to be in the project and learn about swine.

Age: 9+
Cost: Approx. $300-$500,
plus cost of feed

Jan Bennett

Jimmy Bennett

KT Ferguson - Angel Azevedo

Board Games





Creative Writing



Kathy Asmussen

Teen Leader:
Amy Asmussen


We will learn to prepare the soil and to pick the proper plants. Our goal is to have vegetables and herbs to enter in the fair this summer.

Age: 9+


  County Wide Projects    

County-wide Project:  Camp Academy

Camp Academy is a county-wide project that teaches leadership skills and prepares members to be staff at 4H Camp.   Members are required to prepare a resume and interview for a staff position.  Project enrollment will be capped, with preference given to returning members.
Meetings are the 4th Wednesday of each month at 7PM at the Farm Bureau in Livermore.

County Wide
Age: To be in camp academy - for the record, you must be born within the years 1999-2003 (for the 2017-2018 program year).

Jim Bennett

Dion Hock

County-wide Project:  Citizenship

Works with the five areas of citizenship: Personal, History, Environment, Current Events and Government. We have debates and discuss current events.

County Wide
Age: 7th Grade+

Carol Crossett

County-wide Project: Guide Dogs

“Alameda County Guide Dog Puppy Raisers”

Meetings are Tuesdays 7pm-8pm 4 times per month at First Presbyterian Church of Hayward, Castro Valley 94546.

Lisa San Jose at

County-wide Project:  Rising Stars

This project is a county-wide public outreach project in which members would bring awareness of 4-H to the community.  This would be done by designing and exciting an outreach project.  While working on the project and other related tasks, they would develop skills in teamwork, leadership, public speaking and citizenship.  Activities could include planning and work parties and related field trips.

This project is for 11-14
year olds members in 6th-9th grade.
Meet 3rd Thursday or as needed.
Meeting Loc. TBD

Adult Leader: 
Tanya Daly

Barbara Butko

County-wide Project:  State Exchange

The State Exchange Program is a county project where members interact with 4Hers from other states. The project entails fund raising for hosting and for traveling. All members that sign up must be able to host a 4Her from another state and in exchange they travel to the state we hosted. It is usually two and a half weeks long for hosting and for traveling.  We will meet once a month.

County Wide
Age: 12+

Selma Michael

Science Matters



Leader Lura Nicolas -

County-wide Project: Livestock Judging/Quiz Bowl




County-wide Project: Service Learning/Sausal Creek Community Service






New Members will learn range safety, parts of the bow, arrow, safety equipment, how to repair arrows, maintain the equipment, and of course how to shoot and score targets.
More advanced archers will focus on form, proficiency and continued knowledge of the sport. We will be meeting at Redwood Bowmen's Club, in Oakland. You are not expected to make every meeting, but you are expected to get at least 6 hours of target practice and meetings to complete the project with 100% attendance. You do not need to own your bow; we have equipment. If you do own your own bow you’re welcome to bring it.

Ages:  Members must be 9 years old by Dec 31st, 2015, no Primaries. Limit 18 
Cost: There is a $5 range fee per meeting and a one-time project fee of $35 if you don't have your own equipment and $15 if you do and bring it.



There will be five meetings between January and May. Meetings will last approx. 90 minutes and take place at various locations based on the theme of the meeting, We plan to cover perspective, action, landscape, sequence and portrait/still life. In June there will be an opportunity to put together a project to enter at fair.

ages 9 and Up


You may also participate in projects from other 4H clubs in Alameda. Check their websites for a list of their projects. For a list of other clubs please click here